Adhesives & Potting Compounds

For decades, we were known exclusively as ‘Sauereisen Cements’. That’s because Sauereisen’s roots lie in high-temperature assembly compounds. It’s a legacy that we continue. The general nature of our cements is to exhibit high thermal conductivity and electrical resistance. Today, Sauereisen adhesives and potting compounds are used in the assembly of many precision instruments. We’ve gained a leading reputation for applications within heating elements, resistors, thermocouples, igniters and specialty lamps. Sauereisen’s line of high-temperature cements includes several offerings that differ by their setting mechanism, thermal expansion rates, physical properties and handling characteristics. Customization of base formulations to facilitate automated production is common.

High Temperature Brochure

Ceramic Cement - Family of Products
Air Set Product Announcement
Chemical Set Product Announcement 
Ceramic Cement - Chemistries
Ceramic Cements for Heating Elements
Quality Assurance
Thermal Shock Resistance
Synergistic Properties of Ceramic Cements
High Temperature Potting Cement No. 29
Electrical Manufacturer's Trail Order (EMTO) Kit

Ceramic Cements help isolate, insulate and protect components in a variety of applications

Ceramic Cements User's Video: An Intro

View a brief video presentation of the recommended mixing, dispensing, and curing of ceramic-based adhesives.

Adhesives & Potting Compounds

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