Polymer Concretes

Sauereisen polymer concrete is a heavy-duty castable with a chemical-resistant matrix to the core. These products provide impressive physical strength and very low permeability. Polymer concrete can be an economical alternative to brick when project conditions call for a long-lasting system that is easy to install.

For applications subject to the highest concentrations of acid, a silicate-based material is available. Other formulations for more broad chemical exposure and even higher strength include epoxies, vinyl esters, and novolac hybrids of each.

Chemical Resistant Polymer Concretes

Chemical - Resistant Castable No. 35SG
Sauereisen Chemical-Resistant Castable No. 35SG is a hydraulically-setting, calcium aluminate cement. No. 35SG is recommended for protection of concrete and steel surfaces from high temperatures, thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack by mild acids or alkalies.

Acidproof Concrete - Structural Grade No. 54SG
Potassium silicate that withstands extreme temperatures and acid concentrations.

Epoxy Polymer Concrete No. 165
General purpose epoxy with excellent physical properties.

Epoxy NovolaK Polymer Concrete No. 265
Top grade epoxy for physical strength and resistance to most chemicals.

NovolaK Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete No. 465
Impermeable Vinyl Ester concrete with superior heat and chemical resistance.

Corrosion Resistant Materials

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