With Sauereisen's emphasis on corrosion resistance, we focus on the factors most likely to impact the long-term performance of coatings and linings. And while no protective barrier is completely and eternally impermeable to corrosive chemicals, we strive to formulate our materials to function with very low permeability.

How do we do this? Many ways...

  • Some of our polymer linings include a fiber-reinforcement that enables lower permeation than comparable systems using flake glass fillers.
  • Where a supplemental topcoat is desired, we have multiple glaze coatings to choose from.
  • The standard Sauereisen refractory application includes a protective membrane beneath it to serve as a final layer of defense.
  • Similar membranes or specific setting beds are recommended for brick or tile installations.

Generally, permeability and chemical resistance are a prime consideration in the selection and stoichiometry of our raw materials. After all, we've built our reputation as corrosion experts, so to prioritize anything else would be counter-productive to the long-term performance that our customers expect.

Posted here is a collection of resources to explain how water vapor transmission, permeance, and permeability may apply as specification factors. We invite personal consultation for the proper engineered system for the most severe corrosion environments.

Impermeability Concepts

Corrosion Protection Survey Report

According to an independent survey of engineers, facility managers and contractors, factors such as chemical resistance and permeability are the most important attributes of protective linings used in corrosive environments.

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Technical Bulletin on Physical Properties & Permeability

According to an independent survey of engineers, plant operators and contractors, permeability to corrosive substances is the most important consideration for chemically resistant linings.

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Permeability Presentation

A dynamic animated presentation illustrating the importance of protective linings to exhibit low permeability when used to protect wastewater infrastructure.

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