Industries Served by Sauereisen

In 1899 Sauereisen introduced its original product — a high-temperature adhesive cement for assembly applications. The ability of this ceramic-based material to resist acid was originally viewed as a secondary benefit. In time, the acid-resistant nature of the original product line helped Sauereisen expand into corrosion resistant applications to protect infrastructure.

Sauereisen first entered the industrial market by supplying mortars for chimneys in the power industry and for floors and tanks in the steel industry. Development that followed included monolithic refractories applied by gunite and then diversification into organic coatings and linings.

Today, Sauereisen's corrosion-resistant materials and specialty cements are providing long-lasting solutions throughout the world for industries including wastewater, power, chemical processing, food & beverage and others.


110 Years of History

Sauereisen's first facility, shown here during the Flood of 1936, is pictured above. Operations moved across town within Sharpsburg for many years, and then to the current location in the RIDC Industrial Park. Our last plant expansion occurred in 1997 with the addition of our coatings blending & warehousing space.

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