Wastewater Industry

The highly corrosive environments found in the municipal wastewater market make it a core industry for Sauereisen and our corrosion-resistant materials. We have decades of experience in delivering quality products and services that provide dependable solutions for these aggressive environments while helping to preserve municipal assets.

Whether its restoration or new construction, Sauereisen’s wastewater products are utilized in both collections systems and treatment plants. We also address the environmental and economic challenges posed by water inflow and infiltration. Typical structures include manholes, lift stations, headworks, grit chambers, clarifiers, digesters, sludge tanks/houses, chlorine contact cells and ozonation chambers.

Substrate Repair Materials Brochure

The Problem of Permeability in Wastewater
A dynamic presentation illustrating the importance of protective linings that exhibit low permeability for wastewater infrastructure.

Permeability Report and News Release
According to an independent survey of engineers, plant operators and contractors, permeability to corrosive substances is the most important consideration for chemically resistant linings.

Wastewater Brochure

SewerGard Brochure

SewerGardR Trowelable No. 210
Trowel applied polymer lining for municipal wastewater.

SewerGardR Sprayable No. 210S
Spray applied polymer lining for municipal wastewater.

SewerGardR Rotary Spray No. 210RS
Spincasted polymer lining for municipal wastewater.

SewerGardR Fast Set No. 210FS
New fast-setting SewerGard enables limited downtime.

SewerGardR Glaze No. 210GL
Protective coating specially formulated for municipal wastewater environments.

SewerGardR High Strength No. 210X
Chemical resistant lining for extreme corrosion environments. A high-strength epoxy lining that enables a high-build capabilities. (80-125 mils).

RestoKreteTM Underlayment No. F-120
Fast-curing high early strength resurfacer.

RestoKreteTM Underlayment Fast Set No. F-120FS
New fast-setting Underlayment enables limited downtime.

RestoKreteTM SubstrateResurfacer No. F-121
Spincast material to restore manholes.

RestoKreteTM SubstrateResurfacer with Fibers No. F-121FBR
Fiber-Reinforced substrate repair material.

RestoKreteTM Filler Compound No. 209
Epoxy for filling uneven surfaces and bugholes.

InstaPlug No. F-180
Hydraulic water plug for active leaks.

H20Pruf No. F-190
Cementitious waterproofing compound for weeping concrete.

Hydroactive Polyurethane Grout No. F-370
Foaming chemical grout for cracks and voids.

SewerSeal No. F-170
High strength water infiltration barrier.

SewerSeal No. F-170FS
A fast-setting cementitious water infiltration barrier that exhibits high strengths quickly for underground structure rehabilitation.

Manhole ChimneySeal No. F-88
Chemical-resistant seal applied to chimney section of manholes to prevent water inflow.

Collection Systems and Treatments Plants

The environmental conditions of wastewater collection systems and treatment plants are similar, yet different. Both areas deal with the threat of corrosion due to microbiological conditions. In either case, the presence of sulfuric acid and abrasion requires protection.

The application conditions are likely to be quite different, however. The deterioration and dimensions of the average manhole or lift station likely dictates a greater degree of substrate repair or a different installation method. Likewise, treatment plants are more likely to seek materials with either a greater flexibility or gloss.

Sauereisen's SewerGard polymer lining is available in several variations. Diversity of reinforcement, thickness, and application method positions Sauereisen to recommend the ideal formulation for specific service conditions.

Protective Linings/Substrate Repair

Sauereisen recognizes the need to incorporate an “engineered systems” approach to specifications. Substrate repair materials and protective linings go hand-in-hand, but few companies possess the solutions, much less the understanding, to offer both.

A deteriorated municipal structure may be plagued with water infiltration issues, exposed aggregate, open mortar joints, or all of the above. The same structure isn't going to realize a significantly prolonged service life from a simple “patch job”. Sauereisen specializes in restoring structural integrity and enabling chemical resistance through protective linings of low permeability.


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