Data Sheets

Data Sheets


  • Coefficient of thermal expansion21.3 x 10-6 / F° (38.4 x 10-6 /C°)
  • Density (ASTM C-905)123.15 pcf (2.052 gm/cm3)
  • Maximum service temperature (ASTM D-648)185°F (85°C)
  • @ 1 day@ 7 day
  • Compressive strength (ASTM C-579)7,000 psi (492.1 kg/cm2)9,000 psi (632 kg/cm2)
  • Flexural strength (ASTM C-580)8,000 psi (462 kg/cm2)8,100 psi (569 kg/cm2)
  • Modulus of elasticity (ASTM C-580)1.19 x 106 psi (8.37 x 104 kg/cm2)2.20 x 106 psi (1.55 x 105 kg/cm2)
  • Tensile strength (ASTM C-307)1,400 psi (98.4 kg/cm2)1,800 psi (126 kg/cm2)
  • Volume change @ 1 day-0.18%
  • Volume change @ 7 days-0.22%

Physical properties were determined on specimens prepared under laboratory conditions using applicable ASTM procedures. Actual field conditions may vary and yield different results; therefore, data is subject to reasonable deviation.

Sauereisen Multi-Purpose Epoxy Grout F-150 is a multi-purpose epoxy resin grout specifically formulated for use where good chemical resistance and flowability are needed. Ideally suited for maintenance applications do to its low exothermic cure reaction.


  • Impact resistant.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Self-priming.
  • Flowable.
  • Can be poured in thick sections.
  • Can be applied to surface saturated dry (SSD) concrete.


Temperature of Working Area
Maintain a temperature of 50°-80°F on Epoxy Grout F-150, air, and substrate during mixing, application, and cure. Epoxy Grout No. F-150 should be maintained at 50°-90°F for 24 hours prior to use for optimum performance. Lower temperatures will require longer cure times or accelerated curing procedures.

Surface Preparation
Concrete substrates should attain a minimum pull-off strength of 300 psi, be structurally sound, as specified by architect/engineer, and pass ASTM F 1869 prior to Epoxy Grout F-150 application. Surfaces must be free of oil, grease, and other contaminants that may inhibit bond. This can be achieved by chemical cleaning. Suitably finished concrete must have a uniform surface texture, exposing aggregate and resembling coarse sandpaper.

Abrasive blast, high-pressure water blast, or mechanically abrade surfaces to remove laitance and obtain uniform surface texture to aid in greater adhesion. Metallic surfaces must be free of oils and greases. A minimum 2.5-mil profile on metallic surfaces will greatly aid in adhesion.

Epoxy Grout F-150 may be applied over damp surfaces that are free of standing water; best results are achieved with dry surfaces. Remove excess moisture from foundation bolt sleeves. Seal sleeves tightly at top to prevent grout from entering sleeves.


Sauereisen Epoxy Grout F-150 is supplied in 1 ft3 and 2 ft3 premeasured units consisting of 3 components: Hardener Part A, Liquid Part B and Powder Part C.

All mixing and application equipment must be clean and dry. Mix Parts A and B in a clean container. Use a small rubber squeegee or plastic spatula to remove all material from the sides and bottom of compartmentalized container.
Mix thoroughly for three minutes with an air drill and paddle attachment at a speed of approximately 300-400 rpm or with a "Jiffy" mixer and drill motor.

Pour mixture into a 3-6 ft3 mortar mixer, making sure that all blended liquid is removed from the sides and bottom of the pail. Slowly add the required amount of Part C Powder. Mix until thoroughly wet, not to exceed five minutes, and pour into place. Do not add solvent, water or any other foreign material or aggregate when mixing grout. Upon completion of mixing, the grout is ready for use. Remove from mixer immediately and dispense.

Construct forms of wood or steel. Forms shall allow for hydraulic head to facilitate the filling of the grout bed area. Attach a chamfer strip to the inside of the forms at the grout grade elevation to avoid sharp corners. Forms are to be completely sealed and rendered watertight with heavy consistency, pliable caulking or mortar. Seal forms placed over horizontal rough concrete surfaces with a stiff sand and cement mortar flush with inside face of the forms. Place mortar dam immediately before the start of grouting, as shrinkage of mortar may permit leakage of epoxy grout. Coat forms with a paste wax, vegetable shortening or shellac. Plastic sheet is acceptable, but must be stretched tight to prevent wrinkling.

Whenever grout bed exceeds 8 feet in length and/or width, control joints, such as 0.5-inch styrofoam pieces shall be installed at not more than 8 foot centers. Pieces shall be removed after cure and replaced with Sauereisen Epoxy Expansion Joint Compounds 220 or 221.

Begin filling forms at one end and maintain grade level as filling progresses toward the other end of form. Check forms frequently during application for leaks. Grout is not self-sealing and will leak until solidification occurs. Grout will flow and seek its own level under normal conditions; however, unusual conditions may require vibration or similar agitation to assure proper distribution of grout throughout the bed area. Maintain form in place until grout has solidified.

Minimum 1-inch thickness is required for adequate flow clearance and necessary strength development. Consult Sauereisen for thicknesses less than minimum specified.

Once grout bed has attained initial cure, shim devices may be removed. Voids in beds caused by removal of wedges or plates shall be filled with grout.


Sauereisen Epoxy Grout F-150 has a working time of 30 minutes at 75°F. Epoxy grout F-150 should be allowed to cure a minimum of 18 hours at 70°F for optimum physical properties prior to placing in service. F-150 sets hard to the touch in 90 minutes at 70°F. Depending upon design loads, equipment may be set in place in as little as 8 hours. Consult Sauereisen for specifics.

Higher temperatures in the work area and on the substrate may be used to hasten the cure of the grout. Do not allow flowing water or chemicals on the F-150 during initial 24-hour curing period. At the completion of the curing cycle, the temperature shall be lowered slowly, not more than 40°F in 24 hours, to avoid the possibility of sudden damage. During initial cure and for at least 7 days thereafter, the grout bed shall be protected so that the temperature of the grout bed shall not vary by more than 40°F in any 48-hour period.


The unit sizes available yield 1 ft3 or 2 ft3.


All equipment should be cleaned with MEK before F-150 cures, or when build-up becomes pronounced. If removal is required after cure, consult Sauereisen for recommendations.

1 ft3 unit:

Hardener 1-gal. can (3.8 lbs.)
Liquid 3.5 gal. pail (16.99 lbs.)
Powder 2 bags (51.0 lbs. each)

2 ft3 unit:

Hardener 2-gal. can (7.6 lbs.)
Liquid 6-gal pail (33.98 lbs.)
Powder 4 bags (51.0 lbs. each)


Sauereisen Epoxy Grout F-150 Hardener part A, Liquid part B and Powder part C have a shelf life of one year when stored in unopened, tightly sealed containers in a dry location at 70°F. If there is a doubt as to the quality of the materials, consult a Sauereisen representative.


Consult Safety Data Sheets and container label Caution Statements for hazards in handling these materials.


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• Sauereisen also produces inorganic compounds for assembling, sealing, electrically insulating and grouting