Some Industries We Serve:


| Halogen / Dichroic / HPS Lamps / Metal Halide

  • Potting or bonding applications
  • Ceramic and quartz assembly typical
  • Requires low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High thermal conductivity preferred


| Samplers / Sensors / Tips / Tube

  • Potting application of quartz into ceramic body requiring high thermal properties
  • Adhesive application to affix thermal insulating tape to cardboard
  • Coating application for sampling caps

High-Temperature Filters/Catalysts

  • Adhesive applications
  • Bonds high-temperature filter media into stainless steel or aluminum housing
  • May Bonds stacked components or internal components nested within a filter unit

Heating Elements

| Coils / Cartridge Heaters / Sheath

  • Thermally conductive cement
  • Enables transmission or dissipation of heat
  • Secures element and maintains assembly
  • High temperature resistance and electrical insulation


| Wire Wound / “Boat” or “Bathtub” / Rheostat

  • Coating, potting, and/or encapsulation
  • Seals resistance wire placed in or upon ceramic base
  • Specified for electrical insulation

Hot Surface Ignitors

| Hot Surface / Spark / Silicon Carbide / Silicon Nitride

  • Low thermal expansion cement required
  • Offers refractory properties through 2600°F
  • Cement required for bonding or potting wire into ceramic body
  • Able to withstand low voltages during ignition

Additional applications exist in, but not limited to, the following

  • Fiber optics
  • Solar
  • Automotive
  • Wafer manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Pressurized metering devices
  • Cutlery

Quick Facts

  • High temperatures (>500°F)
  • Electrical insulation required
  • Thermal conductivity preferred
  • Bonds to most ceramic, metal or glass substrates
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