Food &

Corrosion Protection

Food & Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, flooring systems must resist not only bacterial growth, but also corrosion caused by fats, acids and other by-products. These factors, combined with caustic and steam cleaning methods, pose dual threats to floors. In addition, repetitive physical abuse from forklifts demonstrates how these facilities are subject to many destructive forces.

While it is impossible to eliminate these physical abuses, Sauereisen offers a complete line of long-wearing, chemically resistant flooring systems that offer proven performance, ease of application, improved safety and easy maintenance. Our flooring systems have shown consistent results in standing up to the harsh environments in meat and poultry facilities, dairies, food-handling areas, breweries and bottling facilities.

Sauereisen materials for the food and beverage industry include a broad selection of monolithic toppings for seamless construction, as well as mortars and setting beds for areas where brick or tile masonry is more suitable.


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