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Sauereisen’s robust product line extends to a variety of accessory materials including membranes, joint sealants and grouts.

Membranes and Joint Sealants

Sauereisen’s comprehensive approach to any project is also evident in our line of membrane and joint compounds. In many cases, these materials are used to prolong the life of a structure in combination with other materials. Selecting the right membrane and joint sealant can help minimize the vulnerability of substrate imperfections, expansion rates and long-term chemical exposure. Chemistries include asphalts, urethanes, epoxies and synthetic rubber.


Sauereisen also offers epoxy and cementitious grouts, which are ideal solutions for machinery placement. Benefits include strong chemical resistance, high strength, impressive durability and ease of application.

Inflow & Infiltration

To prevent the costly effects of I&I, Sauereisen offers materials for spot repairs and full surface rehabilitation and sealing.

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