Data Sheets

Data Sheets



  • Application time:
  • Working time at 70°F15 seconds
  • Initial set at 70°F60 to 90 seconds
  • Final set at 70°F1 hour
  • Components1 part
  • Bond strength to concreteConcrete failure
  • ColorGray
  • Compressive strength (ASTM C-109)4,000 psi (281.2 kg/cm2)
  • Density (ASTM C-905)121 pcf (1.94 gm/cm3)
  • Length change (ASTM C-157)0%
  • Mixing ratio3 Powder : 1 Water, by volume

Physical properties were determined on specimens prepared under laboratory conditions using applicable ASTM procedures. Actual field conditions may vary and yield different results; therefore, data is subject to reasonable deviation.

Sauereisen InstaPlug F-180 is a rapid setting, hydraulic water plug for sealing active water leaks, filling small voids and special anchoring applications.

Typical industry applications are: eliminating water leakage in below grade concrete and masonry structures, manhole rehabilitation, and patches in new precast concrete sections and mortar joints.

InstaPlug F-180 is also used for sealing active water leaks prior to application of any Sauereisen waterproofing, structural repair, or corrosion-resistant materials.


  • Extremely rapid set.
  • Stops leaks immediately.
  • Bonds to damp surfaces.
  • No odor - safe to use in confined spaces.
  • Mixes with water.


Temperature of Working Area
Maintain a temperature of 40°-85°F on air, substrate, Powder, and Water components during mixing, application, and cure. The components should be maintained at 40°F to 85°F for 48 hours prior to beginning work.

Surface Preparation
Concrete or masonry must be firm and structurally sound as specified by the architect/engineer. Surfaces should be made free of oil, grease, and other contaminants that may inhibit bond. This should be achieved by physical removal of contaminated substrate. Common methods are chipping or scarification.

If surface does not have desired conditions, repeat surface preparation procedure.

Prior to placing the InstaPlug F-180, provide a mechanical key by undercutting an abrupt edge completely around the area to be plugged or patched.


Mix only as much material as can be mixed and applied in 15 seconds. The mixing ratio is three (3) parts Powder to one (1) part potable water by volume. Place potable water in a clean, dry, mixing container. Add the appropriate amount of Powder at one time. Mix with a gloved hand until a uniform putty consistency is achieved.

Common safety precautions dictate the use of rubber gloves and eye protection.

As the mortar becomes a plastic consistency, immediately force the material firmly into the prepared area. If running water is present, the material must be held in place until the leak stops and initial set has taken place.

To achieve a smooth or level surface, a steel trowel may be used to trim any excess material. This must be done immediately. Additional batches should be mixed in a clean mixing container to prevent residual material from contaminating the mix. Do not add sand or adulterants.


One pound of material with appropriate water yields 14 cubic inches. The 5-gallon kit yields approximately 0.4 cu.-ft.


Sauereisen InstaPlug F-180 (in plastic consistency) has a working time of fifteen seconds. Initial set of the material occurs in 60 to 90 seconds. Final set is in one (1) hour.


F-180: 50-pound pail.


All equipment must be cleaned with water immediately after use. A stiff brush may be required to remove set material.


Sauereisen InstaPlug F-180 has a shelf life of one (1) year when stored in unopened, tightly sealed containers in a dry location at 70°F. Avoid freezing. If there is a doubt as to the quality of the materials, consult a Sauereisen representative.


Consult Safety Data Sheets and container label Caution Statements for hazards in handling these materials


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• Sauereisen also produces inorganic compounds for assembling, sealing, electrically insulating and grouting