Corrosion Protection

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Sauereisen’s renowned SewerGard® 210 is a field-proven unique polymer lining system. It is specifically formulated for municipal and industrial wastewater environments and offers an economic solution to Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC). SewerGard® resists high concentrations of sulfuric acid and treatment chemicals. 210 also exhibits moisture tolerance, allowing it to bond directly to damp concrete. Each variation of SewerGard® is engineered to maximize protection of various wastewater treatment structures and application methodologies. Depending on project specifications, application by trowel, roll, airless spray, plural component spray or spincast may be used.

Made For Each Other

At Sauereisen, we understand the nuances of intercoat adhesion. We’re also sensitive to the urgency of minimizing construction downtime. That’s why we provide the confidence and convenience of single-source supply when it comes to concrete repair. In conjunction with our SewerGard® polymer linings, we also supply RestoKrete™ products, which are a full line of underlayments and substrate repair materials.

SewerGard® High-Build 210XHB can be applied up to 300 mils in a single coat.

SewerGard® Glaze 210GL shown here on a new construction aeration basin.

SewerGard Quick Facts

  • 100% solids and environmentally compliant with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • 7 different formulations for municipal wastewater and 3 formulations for the higher-corrosive industrial wastewater environments.
  • Economical solution to Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC).
  • Applications include: manholes, lift stations, headworks, grit chambers, clarifiers, tunnels, digesters, sludge tanks/houses, aeration basins, pump stations, gravity thickeners and wet wells.
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