Data Sheets


  • ColorBlack
  • Coverage, cu. in./gal36
  • Elongation (ASTM D-2370) (Post Cure)250%
  • Operating Temperature-40° to 400°F, with excursions to 500°F
  • Tensile strength (ASTM D-2370) (Post Cure)1,000 psi
  • Viscosity, cps2,000
  • Volume Non-Volatile (ASTM D-2697)15.4%
  • Weight Solids30%
  • Density (lb./gallon)8.5
  • Specific Gravity (Water = 1)1.02

Sauereisen Fluoropolymer Coating 950S is a two-component liquid fluoroelastomer. It will withstand service temperatures up to 400ºF.

Sauereisen 950-S offers excellent resistance to most acids, alkalies, and solvents common to industrial facilities.


  • Liquid fluoroelastomer; Coating, Adhesive
  • Solvent Borne.
  • Two-Component
  • Unaffected by temperatures from -40ºF to +400ºF.
  • Acceleration Ratio (by weight) 50:1


Surface Preparation
Substrate should be clean and dry for maximum adhesion. Gritblasting and degreasing with oil-free solvents is recommended.


Product may settle during storage. Stir the product with a broad spatula or paint stick before adding the accelerator. Make sure to scrape the bottom and sides thoroughly, and check for any undispersed, thicker material which may be clinging to the spatula. Slowly add the accelerator to the base material and mix thoroughly. Avoid any mixing methods which introduce substantial amounts of air into the liquid. After adding the accelerator, put the lid on the container and do not disturb for 10 minutes. This standing time will allow trapped air to escape prior to the application. It is important to keep the lid on the container when the material is not being actively applied. Air exposure allows evaporation of the solvent and increases the viscosity of the material.

Once mixed the 950S has a useful life of approximately 8 hours at 75ºF (24ºC).


36 cubic inches per gallon.

Coverage rates are theoretical and will vary depending upon surface conditions, porosity, application techniques, and specific project conditions.


All equipment should be cleaned with MEK, MIBK, or Acetone.


The surface of the material will dry very quickly generally in 20 minutes or less. Thick applications will trap solvents beneath the surface. Allow for solvent evaporation prior to making multiple coats, or blisters may result. Product adheres well to itself. Thin applications will cure in approximately 24 hours at 75ºF. Faster cures are possible by heating solvent free coatings for 20 minutes at 300ºF (149ºC). Thick applications or low temperatures may increase cure time.


Accelerator: 77 g (98ml)
Base: One Gallon


Fluoropolymer Coating 950S Base Material and Accelerator have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of certification when stored in unopened, tightly sealed containers in a dry location at 70ºF. If there is a doubt of the quality of the materials, contact Sauereisen.


Flammable Liquid: Use in accordance with the Safety Data Sheet.


Consult Safety Data Sheets and container label Caution Statements for hazards in handling these materials.


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• Sauereisen also produces inorganic compounds for assembling, sealing, electrically insulating and grouting